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Leading Austrian companies present themselves in a unique environment!

The "Wirtschaftsstandort Österreich" platform offers companies from all nine Federal States a highly attractive possibility of presenting themselves in a unique information environment. High quality accesses of companies and interested investors throughout the world are given unique advantages by the "Wirtschaftsstandort Österreich" for sustainable image presentations on innovative undertakings that are made possible nowhere else in this form.

Even just the fact that at the very start one reaches the with only a few clicks from all websites that are used in daily life makes this distinctive commercial portal to a virtual centre for all commercial actors. Austria’s leading commercial experts and famous economists regularly publish precedent-setting articles, which repeatedly makes the "Wirtschaftsstandort Österreich" platform a new magnet for visitors interested in commerce from the whole German- speaking area.

We offer modern leading companies the unique possibility to present themselves to an interested public in an editorially high-quality designed and always up-to-date commercial environment.

And on the subject of click rate, Christian Pfeffer says: Many advertising customers complain that the resonance is solely in the number of countable clicks. However, meanwhile the Internet is also a carrier of image advertising and branding! A banner can fix or position a brand also without being clicked.
The presentation of individual companies occurs at an annual fixed price and is requested and popular in the field of online advertising for this reason of calculable costs.

Publisher Christian Pfeffer is happy to be at your disposal for any queries of listing and tariffs: